Our high quality premium Fuel Pump Module Assemblies have been manufactured to enable a quick and easy installation. Our Fuel Pump Module Assemblies provide your vehicle with quick engine starts and outstanding fuel-delivery performance. All replacement Fuel Pump Module Assemblies are manufactured and distributed by AutoShack and are guaranteed to fit your specific Make/Model/Year
(Please verify fitment notes when ordering).

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Advanced Fuel Delivery Technology Offering Extreme Performance, Value and Long Life

Fuel Pump Module is pleased to bring the performance of AutoShack fuel pumps to your vehicle. This advanced fuel delivery technology will provide better performance and engine starts while enhancing your overall driving experience.

About Fuel Pump Module Canada

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We stock a large quantity of AutoShack fuel pump modules for your vehicle. Our fuel pumps will
both improve fuel delivery and enhance your engine performance.

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Experience the Difference

Okay you’ve tried the other brands now let AutoShack fuel pump modules surpass all past expectations.


Fuel pumps are 100% tested to ensure performance and long-life.


Coiled tubing improves durability to resist tube wear failure creating longer life.


External rubber feet for enhanced stability reducing noise and vibration.